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HBO "Bleed for the Throne"


"Bleed for the Throne"

In March 2019, a long cold winter left the world facing a blood shortage. Game of Thrones partnered with the American Red Cross to rally their fandom and meet this need. We asked fans to join a real fight for life, to give their blood so that others might live: to Bleed for the Throne.

We launched this global initiative with an immersive blood drive in the heart of Austin, Texas.

Donors lined up to give their blood for the cause, then walked through an experience that recreated moments from the show. Moments where their favorite characters also bled. Finally, they were led before the Iron Throne, where a choir sang and an orchestra played to honor their sacrifice. As each donor was called by name, they knelt. Then walked into an interactive war camp to join the ranks of those who fight for the living.

The choir's full set was professionally recorded for posterity, and released on a limited edition CD. If your computer isn't ancient enough to have a disc drive, have a listen below.


We even worked with Snapchat to develop AR Marker Lenses that worked with relevant places and objects throughout the experience.

It was a pretty involved production. If you’re interested, here’s a bit of a look behind the scenes at how it came to life.