Panera Bread "Social Content"

"Food for Thought"

We found that posts that include facts get shared around more (go figure). So we created a content stream focused on the most interesting tidbits around our menu items and ingredients. 

"SAT (Sandwich Aptitude Test)"

We’ve got a brief for you. We need to you teach all of our loyalty card members about our new sandwiches. What’s on them, how they’re made, the works. We don’t really have a budget per se, but there’s a $30,000 prize. That should work, right?

So we took a dumb acronym pun and turned it into a fun writing exercise. People stayed on the website for over 4 minutes on average, over half a million of them. Plus we managed to put the money in a college fund for somebody’s kid.

"Panera Tweet Theatre"

Believe it or not people tweet about Panera Bread -- a lot. Many of these tweets are funny, some are interesting, and not a few are really weird. We took these social mentions and made them the story, with dramatic reenactments of the context behind a series of moments shared by our fans.

"Conceptual Food"

Panera has a lot of fans, fans that talk about what they eat there, and when, and why, and how much, and on and on and on. Which is a good thing, of course, but we wanted to make that conversation a little more interesting (and be a part of it as well). So we did some research into the most talked-about items and came up with some fun visuals to use in our one-to-one interaction to elevate that content.