Meals on Wheels "Save Lunch"


"Carol invites Congress to Save Lunch"

When Trump tried to take Meals on Wheels' funding away, a few of us at the agency jumped up to do something about it. We set our sights on Congress -- they'd be our best bet for a revised budget that didn't leave millions of seniors hungry.

Then we found a special lady to tell her story, and the Meals on Wheels story, to the world. She'd appeal directly to Congress and invite them to deliver lunches with their local programs during their next recess.

This is Carol, and she is a treasure.

Social Media Hunger Strike

We needed to mobilize the masses as well, and hit these Congressmen and women right in the constituents.

So we started a nationwide hunger strike. Instead of posting a picture of your food, we asked people to skip lunch and post an empty plate instead. Now Congress would see just what cutting Meals on Wheels' funding would look like: millions of hungry Americans.

Thousands of people took part, some pretty high-profile ones too. Together they amounted to millions of impressions and thousands of letters sent to local representatives.

Most importantly...

41 Members of Congress reached out directly to Meals on Wheels America. 

16 Members of Congress confirmed and intend to deliver during August.

We built up support within the government, creating a real chance to save their budget.