Meals on Wheels "Save Lunch"

"Carol invites Congress to Save Lunch"

When Trump tried to take Meals on Wheels' funding away, a few of us at the agency jumped up to do something about it. We set our sights on Congress -- they'd be our best bet for a revised budget that didn't leave millions of seniors hungry.

Then we found a special lady to tell her story, and the Meals on Wheels story, to the world. She'd appeal directly to Congress and invite them to deliver lunches with their local programs during their next recess.

This is Carol, and she is a treasure.

Social Media Hunger Strike

We needed to mobilize the masses as well, and hit Congress right in the constituents.

So we started a nationwide hunger strike, flooding the Internet with a chilling picture of hunger: empty plates. People tagged their representatives in their posts, and even sent real letters written on empty paper plates.

Lawmakers responded not just with lip service, but with action. Dozens went out and delivered meals in their districts. And when the time came to vote, they made sure nobody went hungry: awarding Meals on Wheels a $59 million budget increase instead.

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