Jolly Rancher "Keep on Sucking"

"Keep On Sucking"

When we pitched Jolly Rancher, the team first agreed on one thing: we had to figure out a way to get “suck” into the tagline. And suck we did.

We worked on the pitch that would come to define the brand Anomaly launched immediately after we won the business. Combining a self-referential snigger with a long-last product promise, we landed on our tagline: Keep On Sucking.

The campaign was built around a set of characters designed by our friend Kevin Lyons, updating JR’s dated 90’s logo and branding. The work would center around the antics of these little guys, each representing an iconic Jolly Rancher flavor.


The suckiness of the candy (its main differentiator in a category dominated by Starbursts and Skittles) became its own inside joke. The characters are perpetually the butt of their own ineptitude, simultaneously failing at everything they do and yet somehow finding pride in it.

First, they suck at advertising. By being bad at what they do we draw more attention to their content as it visually defies what we expect to see.

Physical humor, playing with the limitations of the characters, and 4th wall breaking are also a part of our voice. Self-awareness falls right in with the youth category’s distaste for traditional advertising and preference for, instead, a dialogue with a favorite brand (especially on social, where our target is most active), so our comment sections shine.

We connect that world with ours by referencing relevant events and pop culture. The characters prove to be super adaptable as participators in cultural events, which keeps that dialogue with our target ever growing.

But probably the neatest part of the new campaign was seeing how people reacted to it, gravitated toward it. 
So many people, for so many reasons (of various appropriateness) all over social media are getting a kick out of Keep On Sucking.